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Berge und Sonne

YOU and your YOUsers are my focus.

All challenges are different.

Each one deserves a tailored solution.

Does your business make the world a little more enjoyable, efficient and sustainable?

Then let's work together on your (digital) products and services! 

Let's enhance your YOUserExperience.


About me


Hello! I am Jennifer Kahn

I am an aspiring UX Designer passionate about creating insights and experiences. I love learning new things, reducing complexity and having authentic encounters.

I am a former Digital Marketing Manager of BMW and FIFA.

Some of the brands I worked with as a Digital Marketing Manager


What others say

"Jennifer's service-minded and transparent approach has lead to a very high partner satisfaction.

She has a rigorous process mindset and is exceptionally strong at keeping calm in hectic situations".

Christian Volk

Director eFootball & Gaming at FIFA

Former superior at FIFA


What I do

Finding Solutions with a YOUser Experience Mindset

Icons made by David Gandy

Empathizing & Defining

Let's not jump at solutions.

Let's fall in love with the challenge.

  • User Interviews

  • Competitive Landscape Mapping

  • Qualitative User-studies

  • Customer Journey Mapping

  • Website/App Evaluations


Everybody is creative. And everybody should feel as a part of the solution.

  • Brainstorming-Sessions

  • Creative Techniques

  • Workshops

Prototyping & Testing

There is nothing better than observing the user interact with a solution and learning first-hand.

  • Static / interactive wireframes

  • Information Architecture

  • Usability Tests


Reasons to work with me

I am a thorough and rapid learner.

I love diving into new projects with a beginner's mindset - to excel at them.

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Proof Point

in summer 2016 I had no formal work experience in Digital Marketing.

In spring 2017 I was awarded with the

.iab Switzerland Digital Newcomer of the Year award.

.iab Award Ceremony

March 2017



How may I help you achieve your goals?

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